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Hot Guys Wrestling

Hot Guys Wrestling
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Hot Guys Wrestling is one of the most unique sites Iíve ever seen. They bring two hot guys together in a grassy backyard, strip them down, and film them while they roughly wrestle with each other. Theyíre actually putting on real wrestling moves as well. During the course of their wrestling they inevitably touch each other in the private parts and before theyíre done both guys are sporting sizable boners and looking to get off. Thatís when the real fun begins.

At Hot Guys Wrestling you can view pictures and download videos of the hot man on man action. The videos are near DVD quality and the pictures are high resolution images shot with a top notch digital camera. The wrestling scenes all take place on a mat outdoors so the guys have plenty of room to move without damaging anything, aside from themselves. The videos are downloadable or they can be streamed. It all depends on your connection speed.

Memberís Area of Hot Guys Wrestling

Hot Guys Wrestling has managed to cram everything in their memberís area onto just one page. Itís not a good sign that all of their content easily fits onto one page, but the site is relatively new and still growing. As of this writing there are 16 picture galleries and 16 video sets that you can view. Itís not enough content to warrant your membership dollars, but it is enough to warrant a trial membership.

Hot Guys Wrestling Members Zone #1Hot Guys Wrestling Members Zone #2

The picture galleries typically feature 200 images. The galleries begin with the two combatants meeting each other and stripping off their shirts and sometimes their pants. They begin wrestling and through the course of their grappling the rest of their clothes come off and soon theyíre totally naked and tugging on each otherís bodies. Lots of genital contact ensues and by the end of the wrestling match both guys are incredibly horny and eager to fuck. They end up screwing each other and the camera catches all of the action for your enjoyment.

The videos document the same action that takes place in the photo galleries, only better. In the videos the wrestlers donít have to stop what theyíre doing to pose for photos and it feels much more real. It looks real too with the guys body slamming each other and executing difficult maneuvers to pin each other. I was thoroughly impressed with the videos and would recommend downloading those before you do anything else.

Conclusion: Hot Guys Wrestling is a wonderfully unique site but at the moment it feels underdone. They simply donít have enough content with only 16 wrestling matches documented. Whatís there is fantastic, but I suspect it wonít last most people more than two weeks. The picture galleries are pretty bad for the wrestling aspect of the site; Iíd use them only to check out the hardcore action. The videos are well worth a trial membership so thatís what Iíd recommend.

Visit Hot Guys Wrestling

Hot Guys Wrestling Galleries

Here are few Hot Guys Wrestling galleries. To get more free galleries or to get video you should visit site.

Hot Guys Wrestling Gallery #1: Young Fighters
Young Fighters
Hot Guys Wrestling Gallery #2: Young Gay Twinks
Young Gay Twinks
Hot Guys Wrestling Gallery #3: Gay Kickboxers
Gay Kickboxers

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Hot Guys Wrestling

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